Why Golf Is Good For You


why golf is good for you

Golf is a sport that has been around for over a century. Unlike what many people that aren’t golfers assume, it is much more that walking through green fields and stopping on occasion to hit the ball. In reality golf is a leisurely sport that doesn’t require too much physical exhaustion.

The goal is to hit a small, white ball into a series of holes with as few hits as possible. However, golf is a lot more than that. It also provides various benefits that can have a positive on your mental and physical well-being.

Here Are the Top 5 Benefits of Playing Golf

1. Great for the Body

One of the greatest benefits of playing golf is the amount of exercise you can achieve. The exercise comprises of walking on the golf course from one hole to the next, carrying the golf clubs, and swinging the golf clubs.

Playing golf can be an excellent workout that can help you burn upwards of 2,000 calories depending on how hilly or flat the course is. Even if you take a golf cart, the swing is in itself a complete workout for the body targeting legs, arms, and core muscles.

2. Great for the Mind

When playing golf, the blood that flows throughout the body flows also to the brain. This can be great for nerve connections in the brain and can help keep age-related dementia and other similar ailments at bay. Playing golf also gives you a confidence boost as you see your swing improving over the years. It can also help you get rid of anxiety, stress, as well as depression.

3. Great Way to Experience Nature

Man benefiting from playing golf

When you play golf, you do so outdoors for hours, especially when playing on a large course. You can experience so many benefits by spending time in nature. For starters, your body gets to relax since anxiety and stress away from the body. Second, the sun rays hitting your skin help the body produce vitamin D needed to keep the body strong and healthy.

4. Good for Your Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important things that you can do for your body. Whether you use a golf cart or go on foot, the fresh air at the golf course will keep you invigorated, and expending that same energy ensures that you get more restful sleep.

5. Great for Networking

Golf is a game that’s played by interesting, friendly, and successful people. If you arrive at the golf course with fewer than four other players, you will usually be paired with others. The people you are introduced to and meet at the golf course already share something in common with you, which is their love for golf. Golf can help you meet new people that you can develop even stronger bonds with off the course.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t started playing golf, the 5 benefits featured here will hopefully encourage you to get started. The great thing about the benefits of playing golf featured here is that they are applicable to both beginners and experts alike, so get out there and start playing.